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  • Best Beaches of USA

    22 junio 2022

    Beaches in Florida & Gulf of Mexico Clearwater Beach Clearwater Beach hosts the famous Annual Clearwater Beach Jazz Festival. The most famous beaches in the United States are in the Gulf of Mexico for its white sands, crystal clear waters and its abundant...

  • What states require medication to be in prescription bottles?

    29 abril 2022

    TSA Medication Rules 2022 – Traveling with Medication TSA Medication Guidelines 2022 – Medication on Plane Diabetes + Insulin + Oxygen + Inhalers + Notification Cards + Syringes + TSA Cares What states require medication to be in prescription bottles Florida...

  • Using a Bidet, Savings and Ecology

    12 marzo 2021 ( #bidet, #washing, #bathroom, #toilet, #Tushy, #Decor, #DIY )

    Toilet Paper or Bidet There is a place where bidets ( bidet toilets or Washlets ) are not so popular. Why have bidets not caught on in the US? The use of water for cleaning the back of the body has been used since ancient times. In the Middle East, South...

  • TSA Prohibited Items for travelers

    13 abril 2022

    What can you fly with? To prevent inflight danger, many common items are restricted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If you travel with objects on the TSA prohibited items or FAA Pack Safe...

  • History of Bidet

    16 marzo 2021

    History of Bidet The birth of the bidet has two versions, both credible. The first says that it was created in the late seventeenth century by French furniture manufacturers, as a receptacle for water for riders to soothe their behind after a painful...